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Azibuye—The Occupation


This provocative documentary explores the intersection of art, activism, and social justice in Johannesburg. When artists/activists Masello and Evan take up residence in an abandoned mansion in an affluent part of Johannesburg, they proclaim their occupation to be an artistic and political act in defiance of inequalities in land ownership in South Africa. Is it illegal squatting, or political protest? Do these disenfranchised individuals have a valid claim to land that centuries ago was stolen?

Screens with VR Cinema Program 1

YEAR 2019

CATEGORY New Frontier Exhibitions

COUNTRY South Africa

RUN TIME 11 min

COMPANY Electric South

WEBSITE http://www.electricsouth.org

EMAIL caitlin@electricsouth.org

PHONE 9293099729


Lead Artists
Key Collaborators
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Artist Bio

Dylan Valley

Dylan Valley is an award-winning South African filmmaker. His documentary work is a mix of music, art, and performance that tells stories about real people with social-justice focus. Dylan sits on the editorial board of Africa Is a Country and is an Atlantic Fellow for Racial Equity 2019.

Caitlin Robinson

Caitlin Robinson is a creative producer and entertainment strategist. At Electric South, an incubator for African digital immersive content, she explores emerging technology’s influence on what stories can be told and how stories can reach audiences.

Stephen Abbott

Stephen Abbott is an editor and filmmaker based in Cape Town. His acclaimed fiction shorts mix social critique with dark humour. His editing career covers documentary, fiction, and recently 360º video.