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Biodigital Theatre at New Frontier Central


950 Iron Horse Dr., Park City

Scheduled performances take place during open hours at New Frontier Central. Open to credential holders.

All Kinds of Limbo
The National Theatre of Great Britain’s communal musical journey reflecting the influence of West Indian culture on the UK’s music scene across the genres of reggae, grime, classical, and calypso. Immersive technologies, the ceremony of live performance, and the craft of theatrical staging bring audiences into a VR performance space.

In a post-climate-change world, environmental catastrophe has become normalized. Cities are sunken, yet the vestiges of late-capitalist culture live on, clinging like barnacles to the ruins of civilization. Spyda and Lynxa are a couple navigating this world, gliding frictionlessly from shopping to movies to psychedelic drugs.

Go inside the cyclical center of a Kikuyu tribal myth from Kenya, where man may become woman and woman may become man. Through virtual reality, dance, and music, a sacred space is created to explore many versions of yourself.

CATEGORY New Frontier Exhibitions