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A central challenge for humanity is to re-image our relationship to the rest of the living world. Breathe is a mixed-reality experience that uses body movement, gesture, and breath (through biometric sensors) to immerse participants in the story of air. Breathe invites you to experience an atmosphere of your own creation, recasting your ordinary daily experience of breathing as an immediate direct link to the complex living world we inhabit. It harnesses the power of Magic Leap technology to reconnect us to the world around us.

Screens at New Frontier Central

YEAR 2020

CATEGORY New Frontier Exhibitions

COUNTRY Sweden/Canada/U.S.A.

RUN TIME 12 min

LANGUAGE English and French

SUBTITLES Yes with English subtitles

COMPANY Crimes of Curiosity

WEBSITE https://www.crimes.cc

EMAIL jess@crimes.cc

PHONE (818) 515-0704


Lead Artist
Key Collaborators
Executive Producers
Creative Technologists
Sound Design/Virtual Reality Mix
Technical Director
Creative Development
Consulting Producer
Production Companies
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Artist Bio

Diego Galafassi

Diego Galafassi is a transdisciplinary artist from Brazil living in Stockholm with a practice grounded at the interface of art, sciences, and co-creative processes. He is a director, writer, and producer of documentaries, experimental films, new media, and participatory performances. He is a 2019 Sundance Institute New Frontier Story Lab fellow and artist in residence at Johns Hopkins University Immersive Storytelling and Emerging Technologies Lab.