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Flowers & a Switchblade


Flowers & a Switchblade is a real-life conversation between two millennial women who meet in the park for the first time. Advancing the form of 360-degree-video production, Nic Koller and Weston Rio Morgan create an immersive experience collaged together from iPhone footage, including videos shot on a handheld rig that captures movement as a collage, to form a fractured, hyperstimulating, 360-degree cubist world. The result is a fascinating experience of the digital texture of everyday life.

Screens with VR Cinema Program 2

YEAR 2019

CATEGORY New Frontier Exhibitions


RUN TIME 10 min

WEBSITE http://flowersandaswitchblade.com

EMAIL hello@nickoller.com

PHONE (323) 494-4817


Lead Artists
Key Collaborators
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Sound Design
Original Music
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Technical Director
Creative Director

Artist Bio

Nic Koller

Nic Koller is a multidisciplinary artist whose works explore the outer-boundaries of collage. Regardless of the medium, Nic depicts common people and places as representations of people while embracing spontaneous, collaborative moments as the foundation of their process. Nic currently curates for Straight Through the Wall, an arts collective that projects video art on blank walls throughout NYC.

Weston Rio Morgan

Weston Morgan grew up in a bicultural family on the Texas-Mexico border, graduated from the University of Texas at Austin as a post-production specialist, and has been pushing After Effects to its limit ever since. He loves editing and creating 360° videos and has a natural curiosity for investigating what is possible with only the tools at his disposal.