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This symbiosis of literature and VR innovatively and compellingly converges a book reading with virtual immersion. Based on a novella by Klaus Merz, Go visualizes an enrapt, spoken narration by focusing VR content entirely on spatially volumizing the scenes. The effect is one of dreaming with open eyes as you listen to a story of a man who sets out on a hike in the Swiss Alps, from which he will never return.

Screens with VR Cinema Program 2

YEAR 2020

CATEGORY New Frontier Exhibitions

COUNTRY Switzerland

RUN TIME 25 min

COMPANY Montezuma AG

WEBSITE http://www.klubkran.ch

EMAIL info@montezuma-film.ch

PHONE +41798273211


Lead Artists
Key Collaborators
Based on the Novel by
Sound Design

Artist Bio

Sandro Zollinger

Sandro Zollinger is an independent author and filmmaker and a co-founder of Montezuma Film. His bold projects explore innovative ways of storytelling and always seek to adopt new perspectives.

Roman Vital

Roman Vital studied film editing and documentary filmmaking at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and co-founded Montezuma Film. His multiple-award-winning work is committed to examining social issues.

Klaus Merz

Klaus Merz is an eminent Swiss writer with more than 30 publications under his belt. Since his debut in 1967, his work has been translated into several languages and he has received many important literary awards, such as the Hermann Hesse Prize for Literature.