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The “arachnid hominid” is an original species comprised of photo-composites built from human and veterinary X-ray films—they are intelligent creatures with human and spider physiology. Hominidae follows the life of one arachnid hominid as she struggles to raise her young in a hostile environment. This emotional and exquisitely crafted experience is set in a world of X-ray visibility and wild anatomical re-imagination, where creatures have evolved in surprising ways.

Screens with VR Cinema Program 2

YEAR 2019

CATEGORY New Frontier Exhibitions


RUN TIME 6 min

COMPANY DePaul University

WEBSITE http://hominidanimation.net/

EMAIL brian.andrews@depaul.edu

PHONE (415) 937-4414


Lead Artist
Key Collaborators
Casting Director
CG Supervisor
Sound Recordist
Storyboard Artist
Character Technical Directors
3-D Artists
3-D Animators

Artist Bio

Brian Andrews

Brian Andrews is a storyteller and visual technologist who has produced media for the visual effects, animation, and fine-art markets for the past 17 years. His works have been exhibited at Le Marché du Film Festival de Cannes, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Queens Museum, and the California Academy of Sciences, among many others. Currently he serves as the chair of Post-Production at DePaul University’s School of Cinematic Arts.