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Marjorie Prime


Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize

Sunday, January 29, 10:30 a.m., Prospector Square Theatre, Park City

Eighty-six-year-old Marjorie spends her final, ailing days with a computerized version of her deceased husband. With the intent to recount their life together, Marjorie’s “Prime” relies on the information from her and her kin to develop a more complex understanding of his history. As their interactions deepen, the family begins to develop ever diverging recounts of their lives, drawn into the chance to reconstruct the often painful past.

Built around exceptional performances from a veteran cast and shot with the intimate rhythm of mortality, Marjorie Prime shines a light on an often-obscured corner in the world of artificial intelligence and its interactions with death. Bringing us robustly into the future, Michael Almereyda’s poetic film forces us to face the question—If we had the opportunity, how would we choose to rebuild the past, and what would we decide to forget?

YEAR 2016

SECTION Premieres


RUN TIME 99 min

COMPANY BB Film Productions

WEBSITE http://bbfilmproductions.com

EMAIL uri@bbfilmproductions.com


Executive Producers
Co Producers
Director Of Photography
Production Designer
Costume Designer
Casting Director
Based On The Play By

Artist Bio

Michael Almereyda

Michael Almereyda's films range between shorts, documentaries, and features. They include Twister (1989), Another Girl Another Planet, Nadja, The Rocking Horse Winner, Hamlet (2000), William Eggleston in the Real World, Paradise, and Cymbeline. His Skinningrove was awarded a Jury Prize for best non-fiction short film at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, and his acclaimed film Experimenter, a biopic about Stanley Milgram starring Peter Sarsgaard and Winona Ryder, premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.