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New Frontier in the Wild


All the world’s a stage! Find these works woven into the digital landscape of the Festival campus.

Dance Trail
A dance piece in augmented reality enabling users to invite virtual dancers into our world. Site-specific and mobile, the app allows audiences to see dance sequences outdoors and indoors during the Festival. Users can place dancers anywhere in the world and share snapshots and videos.
Download the app at dancetrail.app.

Guisado on Sunset
Missed-connection regret at that one late-night spot—the kind you keep playing back in your head but not quite ever remembering right, until it starts to look like something else.
Text "tacos" to 63566 to see and distribute the film.

Spaced Out
An underwater VR experience transports you aboard a voyage from the Earth to the moon, as well as within, led by the audio conversations of the Apollo 11 mission. Using special underwater VR goggles and a snorkel, the experience becomes a space simulation immersing all of the senses.
Open to credential holders Sat. 1/25–Thu. 1/30, 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. at Festival Headquarters (Sheraton Park City, 1895 Sidewinder Dr.)
Bring your swimsuit; towels available on-site.

CATEGORY New Frontier Exhibitions