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Enter a smart living room that asks the question: are we in control of these machines or are they in control of us? The filmmakers of The Great Hack (2019 Sundance Film Festival) use mixed reality and surveillance technologies to bring to life the invisible world of data. Audiences will experience how smart devices harvest data from our devices and how this data is then used to control us and persuade us.

Screens at New Frontier at The Ray

YEAR 2020

CATEGORY New Frontier Exhibitions


RUN TIME 12 min


EMAIL ricky@theothrs.com

PHONE 305.785.8566


Lead Artists
Key Collaborator
Executive Producers
Voice Actors
Creative Technologist
VR Engineer
2-D Artists
Music Composer
Sound Design

Artist Bio

Karim Amer

Karim Amer is an Egyptian American filmmaker best known for producing The Square (Al Midan) (2013), which received Emmys for directing, cinematography, and editing. Karim produced the award-winning documentary Rafea: Solar Mama (2013) and worked with Angelina Jolie to executive produce the Academy Award–nominated animated feature The Breadwinner (2017). His directorial debut, The Great Hack, premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

Guvenc Ozel

Güvenç Özel is a lead faculty member and program advisor of IDEAS, a multidisciplinary research and development platform in UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design, and the principal of Ozel Office, an interdisciplinary design practice in Los Angeles. A native of Turkey, Özel holds a master of architecture degree from Yale University.