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This one-on-one VR immersive theatre piece converges gaming, thermal haptic, dance, and painting and invites you to enter a surreal, Sisyphean world—where you must figure out how to save the scarecrow from an eternal spell of hundreds of attacking firebirds. How can you find a way to bring about a meaningful moment of tenderness to its life? What will it take to release the scarecrow from seemingly endless danger and into eternal freedom?

Screens at New Frontier Central

YEAR 2020

CATEGORY New Frontier Exhibitions

COUNTRY South Korea

RUN TIME 12 min


WEBSITE http://www.karts.ac.kr

EMAIL sngmoolee@gmail.com

PHONE +821099357013


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Artist Bio

Jihyun Jung

Jihyun Jung is a graphic artist and runs the commercial film-production company Nodeprojects. She is enrolled in the MFA film directing program at the Korea National University of Arts ( K'ARTS).

Sngmoo Lee

Sngmoo Lee is a writer/director working on traditional and immersive media. His first VR project, Eyes in the Red Wind, won awards at various festivals. He is a professor and the director of the Arts and Technology Center at K'ARTS.

Taewan Jeong

Taewan Jeong is an emerging cinematographer. He majored in philosophy before joining the MFA cinematography program at K'ARTS.

Cooper Yoo

Cooper Yoo is a creative-technology director and an adjunct professor at K'ARTS. He works in various fields, including interactive performance, digital-media exhibition, and stage directing.