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In this deeply affecting and personal pilgrimage, audiences join director Randall Okita as he searches for his grandfather, Yonezo. The journey follows generations of Okitas as they migrated from 1930s Hiroshima, homesteaded in Canada, and were forced into a Japanese internment camp. This is a moving exploration though the emotional geography of immigration and family archives in an effort to understand what it means to leave home and what may have brought us here today.

Screens at New Frontier at The Ray

YEAR 2020

CATEGORY New Frontier Exhibitions


RUN TIME 25 min

COMPANY National Film Board of Canada

WEBSITE https://www.nfb.ca/

EMAIL j.mair@nfb.ca

PHONE (416) 436-0105


Lead Artist
Key Collaborators
Executive Producer
Associate Producer
Project Manager
Art Director
3-D Artists
Concept Artist
Sound Design

Artist Bio

Randall Okita

Randall Okita is an artist and filmmaker known for creating work that involves rich visual language and innovative approaches to storytelling. Often customizing the creative process to engage, include, and reflect diverse communities, his work has been shown in group and solo exhibitions, awarded internationally, and screened at festivals around the world. Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Okita lives and works in Toronto and Japan.