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The Box at The Ray
1768 Park Ave., Park City

Tickets are required; eWaitlist access is also available.

Azibuye—The Occupation
When Masello and Evan, two homeless black artists/activists, break into an abandoned mansion in an affluent part of Johannesburg, they proclaim their occupation to be an artistic and political act in defiance of inequalities in land ownership in South Africa.

Bembé is a Cuban tradition that encompasses elements of both Christianity and the African Yoruba, where the souls of dead slaves come to Earth and family, friends, and neighbors take part in a celebration lasting up to seven days.

After the Fallout
In March 2011, an earthquake caused a tsunami and a meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The devastating consequences filled the communities in Fukushima with fear of the intangible and split Japan in a distinct before and after.

VR Free
Exploring the nature of incarceration spaces by portraying slices of life inside a prison in Turin, Italy. The film also captures the reactions of several inmates during brief encounters with immersive videos of life outside of prison.

CATEGORY New Frontier Exhibitions

RUN TIME 50 min